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S e l e c t i o n   o f   o u r   1 9 9 4 - 2 0 1 0   p r o j e c t s :

  • Complex multi-branch detailed design documentation of the rebuilding and additional roof and elevation lagging project with the windows replacement, a terrace make-over, and demolition of a sniper tower in Zespol Szkolno-Przedszkolny nr 7 (Primary School and Nursery Unit no 7) in Wroclaw; area of premises 1 315m2, cub. 16 800 m3
  • Complex multi-branch detailed design documentation of the rebuilding and additional roof and elevation lagging project of the gymnasium in Szkoła Podstawowa nr 109 (Primary Schol no109) in Wroclaw; area of premises 355m2, cub. 2500m3
  • Complex multi-branch detailed design documentation of the rebuilding and outward extension of the gymnasium in Szkoła Podstawowa nr 30 (Primary Schol no30) in Wroclaw; area of premises 400m2, cub. 4150m3
  • Functional-utility program that combines both make-over of the former laundry facility in Wroclaw, ul. Dubois and redevelopment of its purpose (The Career Development Centre) as an element of revitalization of the Nadodrze housing estate; area of premises 1226m2, cub. 5574m3
  • Modernisation, renovation and partial conversion of three tenement houses in Wroclaw, ul. Uniwersytecka (area of premises 3 206m2, cub. 13 722m3);
  • Redevelopment and conversion of a farm and livestock facility to a stable with a residential and amenity building; grant application; Konary, gm (commune) Udanin; area of premises after the conversion 1 100m2, cub. 10 000m3
  • Renovation and conversion of the elevation and terraces, with the windows replacement and drainage of the historical kindergarten building in Wroclaw, ul. Gajowicka; area of premises 750m2, cub. 3800m3;
  • Architectural records and rebuilding concepts of 5 (600-1600m2 build-up area) out of 10 buildings in the historical farm in Grodziec, Zlotoryja, for Fundacja Zamki i Pałace Polski.
  • Rebuilding the panel and paint shop in Wroclaw, ul. Galkowska
  • Concept with a building conditions motion for the barn conversion into an office building -360m2 area with an expansion project
  • Roof renovation project in Wroclaw, BVM Roman Catholic Parish, ul. Jerzmanowskiej 83
  • Renovation project of the historical residential building facade in the six-story house in Wroclaw, Rynek 39-40, for Moda Wrocław and Broughmann-media
  • Rebuilding and interior adaptation for The Central Brokerage House in Wroclaw (two departments: ul. Mikolaja 9-11), in Jelenia Gora (plac Wyszynskiego 35) and Brzeg (ul. Chrobrego 14c)
  • Concept with a building conditions motion for the housing estate of 11 residential buildings of approx. 450 flats in Radomsko.
  • Modernization of two control rooms in Wroclaw and Wegliniec for PKP PLK
  • Three store public utility office building 12m high, 740 m2 area and 4 400 m3 cub. for Saint-Gobain D.M.B. in Wroclaw, ul. Avicenny 14
  • Single-family detached house with 397m2 build-up area and 1 300 m3 cub. with a 114m2 swimming-pool, garages and a utility building in Nowy Targ - co-work with R. Wójciak
  • Gas station with the access roads project, carwash, shopping area etc. in Kleszczów
  • 800 m2 outward extension project with converting an existing office building (area 2 656 m2) into an auditorium (cap. 200 seats) with a library for Wyzsza Szkola DSWE-TWP in Wroclaw, ul. Strzegomska (cub. 12 400m3) - co-work with Renoma engineering and architects R. and T. Myczkowski
  • Modernization and conversion of the old school (build-up area 400m2) into an activation center in Wroclaw, ul. Jerzmanowska 82
  • Rebuilding and the interior design of the 400m2 office building in Wroclaw, ul. Powstancow Sl. 5 for Libet SA
  • Interior design and furnishing the historical residential building in Wroclaw, Pl. Solny 15 for Xelion Doradcy Finansowi (Xelion- Financial Advisors Ltd.), Warsaw
  • Car Dealership Building with the workshop, paint shop and carwash in Stanowice (Olawa), cub. 11 470m3 and area of 1947 m2
  • Sports and leisure facilities in Lekinsko, Belchatow, area 38 538 m2
  • Reconstruction and dehumidification of the gothic Sw. Jadwiga Church in Wroclaw, ul. Jerzmanowska
  • Rebuilding the interiors of the 2nd floor in a historical residential building in Poznan,ul Grottgera, and converting it into Caro photo agency
  • Rebuilding and laying the synthetic flooring in the school's sports fields in Kleszczowo
  • Interiors renovation and roof construction of the community center in Lekinsk, Belchatow
  • Carwash with the access roads in Kleszczowo, cub. 403 m3, area 81 m2
  • Rebuilding the workshop and amenity building with the vehicle maneuver area (cub. 2 268 m3, area 378 m2) in Kleszczowo, ul.Glowna 41
  • Outward extension of the kindergarten (area 520m2, cub. 4 960 m3) in Lekinsko, ul. Szkolna 18
  • Rebuilding and adapting the buildings to TP SA sales facilities in Olesnica, Jelenia Gora and Zgorzelec -co-work with TOYA Design Poznan
  • Group of residential buildings (2x 48 apts.) with 1.6 ha area with roads and a parking lot in Swidnica, ul. Kopernika (area 2 x 2 469m2, cub. 2 x 9 700m3)
  • Truck and long vehicle repair workshop with its supply base and a store in Jelcz-Laskowice - co-work with W. and J. Karnicki (cub. 8 775 m3)
  • Outward extension and modernization of the ZGKMiR office building in Kleszczowo (area 319 m2, cub. 1 100m3)
  • Storage and garage facility with its supply base for ZGKMiR in Kleszczowo (cub. 7 600 m3)
  • Outward extension of the telecommunications headquarter in Kleszczowo (cub. 7 600m3)
  • Adapting and interior design for Bank PEKAO S.A. 12 dep. Lower Silesia (90-200 m2)
  • Kindergarten with full set of installation planning, interior and exterior design in Luszczanowice, Bełchatow
  • Group of residential buildings with the complete access roads, exterior design, landscaping, sanitary and electrical installation in Luszczanowice, Belchatow
  • Adjusting, rebuilding the interiors and the facade of the XIX century Botanical Institute building of UW, ul. Kanonia - co-work with mgr inz. C. Bielawski and mgr inz. arch. K. Wartenberg
  • Rebuilding and converting the casern into a hotel for Wojskowa Agencja Mieszkaniowa in Gdynia - co-work with L. Konopek
  • Interior designs of the conference rooms and the entrance vestibules for POLAR, Wroclaw
  • Adapting the baroque backhouse of the palace for the town hall in Brzeg Dolny - co-work with mgr inz. arch. K. Wartenberg and Archex
  • Adjusting the historical facade and enclosure of the building in Wroclaw, ul. Prusa, for Politechnika Wroclawska, Architecture and Urban Planning Faculty- co-work with Archex
  • Rebuilding and thermal efficiency upgrade of five office buildings and two production bays for POLAR in Wroclaw, ul. Bora Komorowskiego 6
  • Group of residential buildings project with the access roads, electrical and sanitary installation, gas and sewage distribution systems, landscaping and service area in Wroclaw, ul. Raclawicka and ul. Stolarska (parcel area 55 299 m2, residential area 13 650 m2) - co-work with Chron Partners and Echo Investment
  • Contest projects: ZUS Wroclaw (ul. Litomska) -II place; Gasworks in Wroclaw and Legnica; Junior High School in Oborniki Slaskie and Pawonkow etc.
  • Reconstructing the baroque roof and designing the dormer window of the UW main building for University of Wroclaw
  • Architectural records and the project of converting the manor and park complex with a grange in Sleza, Wroclaw, into a hotel with a restaurant, disco, auditorium, rental apartments and other tourism and recreational facilities for A. Ptak -co-work with Archex
  • Modernization and rebuilding the POLAR headquarters in Wroclaw
  • Contest project for SM "Wroclawski Dom" of two residential estates- commended by the jury
  • Modernization and rebuilding the facade of the 'Slezak' dormitory house for Economical Academy in Wroclaw
  • Facade thermal efficiency upgrade of 12 residential buildings for SM 'Metalowiec', Wroclaw
  • Urban planning of managing the main squares in Wroclaw during The Eucharistic Congress
  • Rebuilding the four-story hotel building in Wroclaw, ul. Trzemeskiej 4
  • Rebuilding the 'Mars' hotel in Wroclaw, ul. Zelazna 46, for WAM
  • Converting the utility building into an office in Wroclaw, Lesnica for WAM
  • Architectural records of 11 historical tenement houses with their outbuildings in Halle, Germany-co-work AGP-1, K. Tomaszewicz, T. Malycha
  • Converting the WAM rooms into a construction carpentry shop, Wroclaw, ul. Przyjazni 2/4
  • Water treatment plant in Slubice for Slubice and Frankfurt (Oder) - co-work with the producer of the installation 'Wodropol' S.A.
  • Adapting, rebuilding and changing the functions of the sugar factory buildings in Lagiewniki
  • Office building - sales department for 'Gumkowski - Röben', Sroda Slaska
  • Outward extension of the manor complex in Debice, Sroda Slaska
  • Rebuilding the interiors in The Telewizja Wroclaw office building (separating the radio from the television section)
  • Two successful architectural contests in Germany
  • Converting the tenement house into a hotel and restaurant complex in Peitz, Germany
  • Converting the Soviet army casern into a school building in Cottbus, Germany
  • Detached houses in Germany, Wroclaw and its surrounding area (new and extensions)
  • Creating the models, photograms, visualisations and construction sites supervising