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  • Reconstruction and outward extension of the auto repair and paint shop with an office, an amenity space and a residential area in Wroclaw; obtaining the construction permit, zoning approval, and project architect's supervision for CHOWANIEC Zakład Produkcji Metalowej; (total area of premises 513,2 m2); 2007-2008;
  • Three store public utility office building (12m high, 740 m2 area and 4 400 m3 cub.) for Saint-Gobain D.M.B. in Wroclaw, ul. Avicenny 14;
  • Modernization of the control rooms in Wegliniec and in Wroclaw Pracze; PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A.; 2007;
  • Car Dealership Building with the workshop, paint shop and carwash in Stanowice (Olawa), (cub. 11 470m3 and area of 1974 m2);
  • Interior design and furnishing the historical residential building in Wroclaw, Pl. Solny 15 for Xelion Doradcy Finansowi (Xelion- Financial Advisors Ltd.), Warsaw;
  • Rebuilding and the interior design of the 400m2 office building in Wroclaw, ul. Powstancow Sl. 5 for Libet SA;
  • Gas station with the access roads project, carwash, shopping area etc. in Kleszczów;
  • Storage and garage facility with its supply base for ZK in Kleszczow; 2000-2002;
  • Outward extension and modernization of the ZGMiR office building in Kleszczow (area 319 m2, cub. 1 100 m3);
  • Rebuilding the historical bays in Zaklad Eksploatacji Tramwajow R-2 'Praga', ul. Kaweczynska, Warsaw (area 6 538 m2) - co-work A. Fryszka; 2004
  • Rebuilding the interiors of the residential buildings (area 400 m2) in Poznan and converting it into Caro photo agency
  • Truck and long vehicle repair workshop with a MOT diagnostic, a moto-store and a supply base in Jelcz-Laskowice - (cub. 8 775 m3), project V-VI 2002 (completed in 2002)
  • Rebuilding and interior design of the entrance area for POLAR, Wroclaw; 2002;
  • Interior design of the conference rooms for POLAR, Wroclaw;
  • Rebuilding and thermal efficiency upgrade of five office buildings and two production bays for POLAR in Wroclaw, ul. Bora Komorowskiego 6;
  • Outward extension of The Centrala Telefoniczna (telecommunications headquarters) office building; October 2001;
  • Water treatment plant in Slubice for Slubice and Frankfurt (Oder) - co-work with the producer of the installation 'Wodropol' S.A.;
  • Office building in Sroda Slaska for Gumkowski-Roben (cub. 1 316 m3); 1997