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  • Modernisation, renovation and partial conversion of three tenement houses in Wroclaw, ul. Uniwersytecka (area of premises 3 206m2, cub. 13 722m3); 2009
  • Architectural records and area measurement of a historical tenement house i Wroclaw, ul. Staszica; total area 1401,3m2, cub. 5 1100m3; 2009
  • Renovation and conversion of the elevation and terraces, with the windows replacement and drainage of the historical kindergarten building in Wroclaw, ul. Gajowicka; area of premises 750m2, cub. 3800m3; 2009
  • Redevelopment and conversion of a farm and livestock facility to a stable with a residential and amenity building; grant application; Konary, gm (commune) Udanin; area of premises after the conversion 1 100m2, cub. 10 000m3; 2008
  • Project of a gothic roof truss in sw. Jadwigi church tower in Wroclaw
  • Architectural records and adjustment concept of the historical farm in Grodziec, powiat (poviat) Zlotoryja; Conversion of the old barn with redevelopment of its purpose - a stable with a storage and utility space (area of premises 735m2); conversion and outward extension of the former farm storage building and redesigning its function (auditorium); conversion of a farm and livestock facility with a warehouse area to an office and warehouse use; for Fundacja Zamki i Pałace Polski; 2007-2008
  • Roof renovation project in Wroclaw, BVM Roman Catholic Parish, ul. Jerzmanowska 83;
  • Modernization and conversion of the old school (build-up area 400m2) into an activation center in Wroclaw, ul. Jerzmanowska 82; 2004;
  • Elevatio restoration in a historical tenement building with six residential floors in Wroclaw, Rynek 39-40 for Moda Wrocław i Braughman Media; 2007
  • Conversion and redevelopment of a ground floor in a former kindergarten building to a music pub in Radomsko; 2007;
  • Renovation of the facade and interior rebuilding of the sales building in Wroclaw, ul. Sw. Antoniego 2/4, for Inter-Commerce sp. z o.o.; 2005
  • Reconstruction and dehumidification of the gothic Sw. Jadwiga Church in Wroclaw, ul. Jerzmanowska; 2004;
  • Rebuilding the ground floor of the residential building and interior conversion into The Central Brokerage House in Wroclaw, ul. Mikolaja 9-11
  • Adjusting, rebuilding the interiors and the facade of the XIX century Botanical Institute building of UW, ul. Kanonia - co-work with mgr inz. C. Bielawski and mgr inz. arch. K. Wartenberg
  • Reconstructing the baroque roof and designing the dormer window of the UW main building - co-work with Archex and mgr inz. arch. K. Wartenberg (project 1999, completed in 2000-2002);
  • Adapting the baroque backhouse of the palace for the town hall in Brzeg Dolny - co-work with mgr inz. arch. K. Wartenberg and Archex (cub. 6 100 m3, project Maj 1999, completed in 2000-2001)
  • Adjusting the historical facade and enclosure of the building in Wroclaw, ul. Prusa 53, for Politechnika Wroclawska, Architecture and Urban Planning Faculty- co-work with mgr inz. arch. K. Wartenberg (cub. 12 000 m3, project IV 1998)
  • Architectural records of 11 historical tenement houses (approx. 5 000 m3 each) in Halle, Germany-co-work AGP-1, K. Tomaszewicz, T. Malycha (January 1997)